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Limit: 1 Class
Programs: CrossFit
Location: CrossFit Altius
$0.00 for existing Wodify Athletes
10 Class Punch Card
A virtual "punch card" of ten total classes that can be used at any time. Punch cards never expire and make a great gift for that one friend you have that is reluctant to experience CrossFit for the first time. They are also perfect for the person who frequently visits Kernersville but has a regular membership at another box.
Limit: 10 Sessions
Programs: CrossFit, Fundamentals of CrossFit
LocationsCrossFit Altius
Food Prep
One-time food prep class focusing on how to prepare meals for one week at a time for one individual.
Limit: 1 Sessions
Programs: Food Prep
LocationsCrossFit Altius
Fundamentals of CrossFit
This four-week course introduces the participant to the fundamental movements and principles of CrossFit. Upon completion of this class, you are confident and safe becoming a member of our CrossFit community. Classes are every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:30PM.
Limit: 12 Sessions
Programs: Fundamentals of CrossFit
LocationsCrossFit Altius
WOMEN ONLY Intro to Fitness
We encounter so many women who are ready to make a change but simply don't know where to start. People are often under the impression that they are not fit enough to begin a fitness program. Our goal with this class is to teach you how to set health and fitness goals that can be achieved in four weeks' time and then give you the tools to CRUSH THEM. Classes will run M-W-F for four weeks, from 7:30PM-8:30PM.
Limit: 12 Sessions
Programs: WOMEN ONLY Intro to Fitness
LocationsCrossFit Altius